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Geometric Formula Exercise Sheets

( printable practice pages)

Our Geometry Sheets are custom made and feature various degrees of difficulty ! Each practice math sheet also has an associated answer sheet.

We have organized our sheets so that you can work your way through them and always keep track of where you left-off (notice the numbering system). This allows you to always have access to fresh content with no fear of duplication! Browse around, and then try a few of our FREE printable geometry practice sheets at home (or in your classroom)!

Sheet Number
Area of Geometric Shapes p1
Area of Geometric Shapes p2
Area of Geometric Shapes p3
Surface Area of Geometric Shapes
Volume of Geometric Shapes
Three Dimensional Figures

All of our pages are easily printable (without advertisements) from your "local" printer (one attached to your computer). Most pages have a button or link that is marked "Print" or "Print this Page". All pages are configured for best viewing and print capabilities using the MS-IE (Microsoft, Internet Explorer) browser ver 6.0 or higher.